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The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time: Adult Edition

read this book. it is MOST excellent.
i accidentally read the adult version which has got a more cartoony cover instead of the kids version which has an old people’s boring cover. i suspect the kids version has the swearing taken out.
it’s one of the best books i’ve read in a very long time. here is my copy with it’s half price sticker on it.


9 thoughts on “The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time: Adult Edition”

  1. this book was no 1 paperback last week with a sale of over 80,000. The number 2 paperback sold something like 30,000 or less.
    I am looking forward to reading it, and did not realise that there are 2 versions.

  2. i wonder if the maths questions are easier in the kids version ?
    i read it without knowing anything about it (other than it being half price !) and was very pleasantly surprised.

  3. I take it you heard the TOP Ronnie Ancona joke on the British Book Awards over Easter – she was doing her famous Victorian Beckham impression with Alastair McGowan doing Beckham himself and said that this was probably Beckham’s favourite book at the moment – along with Eats, Shoots and Leaves.

  4. I’ve read that book! I’ve read that book! I bought it in York a few weeks ago and read it in a weekend. It is wonderful! Better even than Nigel Slater’s “Toast” which I thought was going to be my favourite book this year.

  5. Finally got around to reading this after buying it a few weeks ago (on your recommendation). You’re absolutely right – it’s a masterpiece that works on many different levels.
    Mine is however a slightly darker shade of blue, bizarrely. It still has the swearing policemen in it though.

  6. i see you didn’t buy it via the amazon referral link. i could have made 2 pence commission or something.
    is this part of your plan to keep yoyo commerce free ?
    i’ll be watching geek gardener to see if you start flower arrangements, seeds and crushed snail shells.

  7. Heh – no – sorry!
    I actually bought it in a surreal moment in Watford town centre a few weeks ago. There was a shop with lots of books in, and you can go in there and pick up the books, flick through them, pay for them there and then and take them home!
    Most bizarre – but it seems more efficient than Amazon.

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