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book review

i’m reading The Book of Matches by Nicholson Baker at the moment and it is most excellent. a regular reader recommended another book by this author which i couldn’t find in my local bookshop so i bought this instead.
excellent for not saying much about anything in a nicely detailed way. read it. marvellous.


3 thoughts on “book review”

  1. I’m reading Stargazing by Peter Hill which is a wondeful account of an art-school student taking a job as assistant lighthousekeeper in the 1970s. For those born between 1950 and 1962 there are great references to icons of the time – the Vietman war, 1970s music – Pink Floyd played Dundee art school and so on. Great read and a hymn to another era – “full employment” when people used to leave a job, take off round the world for an indeterminate time, and arrive back completely confident in walking into another job. Canongate publish.

  2. For another excellent book on not much in particular, I recommend “The Doctor is Sick” by Anthony Burgess.
    For an excellent book on not much in particular in a psychotic fantasy land, I prefer “Paingod and other Delusions” by the always grumpy (and extremely short) Harlan Ellison.

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