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this is an odd object (an oddject). it’s by a building site which used to be an abattoir. here it was a long time ago. it’s a long white cycliner with a hook at the end.
i suspect Pete might know


2 thoughts on “oddject”

  1. I have never heard of a cycliner, let alone a long white one. There is no indication of scale, how LONG is it?
    As it is outside a bulldozed abbatoir could this be the instrument that makes the bulls dozey before the final fatal act?
    As to the “stand in a doorway” theory, how many doors did this establishment originally have? More than one I would presume. You could have been standing in the “wrong” doorway. Ouch!

  2. it’s probably about 20 centimetres long or the equivalent length in inches for those still using old money.
    could it be either a plumb line or a sash window weight ?

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