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bollards crossing

park police ? surely they can park where they like ? good to see they are crossing the road sensibly though.

green bollards

national trust bollards are green. they are the special forces of the bollard world. experts in stealth and undercover operations.
they also have funny round bits on their heads making them look like chess prawns. i know it should be ‘pawn’ but ‘prawn’ always sounded better.

red bollards still attacking

it’s no wonder red bollards are so prevalent. look how these ones have climbed on top of each other to overpower this little green chap.
the same happened with grey and red squirrels you know.


these red bollards are bullying the yellow road bollard for no other reason than he is different from them. that is SO not right.

the hiding bollard

esther took this photo but was very concerned because she said she could only see three of the bollards in the photo. i said we should call it ‘the hiding bollard’ because you can see it if you look justbehind the third one.

spiritual bollards

this bollard was approaching the ‘little seeds’ tent at the holiday club. little seeds is for the 0 to 5 year olds, but it’s only a small bollard.
perhaps it was already starting to question why it was there. as a road and pavement user i often have to ask the same question about bollards.
in a strange matter of symmetry i sat for around 30 minutes in a number of bollard related traffic queues this afternoon. makes you think.

glaswegian bollard

i spotted this bollard in glasgow as we drove by. it’s covered in a lovely mosaic which is probably a Roman influence (Ha-ha-drain’s wall isn’t too far away after all).


(from Dan who may wish to comment on his photo in the comments)


more bollards protesting for their rights

bollard protest

it’s not easy for bollards. they spend almost all their life outside for little or no pay. for some this is simply too much and i noticed these two bollards have taken direct action and tied themselves to some posts.
but they have been foolish as the posts don’t have signs at the top so the police can simply lift them over the top to free them, and thus end their protest.
bollards can be quite useful, but they are generally not very bright.
DSC04224.jpg DSC04232.jpg DSC04233.jpg

a big bollard

just look at this chap ! incredible. click for big version

exquisite bollard

it’s the daddy of the bollards. a real beauty. but why has it got its ‘no entry’ sign on the wrong side ?