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a strange journey home

i waited three hours for someone to turn up for a meeting today, but they didn’t show, so by 6pm i gave up and went home. but as i came out the office i saw them in the pub across the road !
so i went in and he admitted he’d forgotten and was very emmbarrased. By the time we’d chatted i was over 2 hours late going home. so the two events which happened on the way home were really someone else’s events which i hyjacked. possibly.
anywoo, the first thing was hearing this phone box ring. in these days of mobile phones it’s rare to hear such thing so i jumped in to answer.
“hello”, “hello”, “who’s this?”, “it’s dave, who this?”, “mandy”, “hello”, “hello”, “where are you?”, “in a phone box”, “where”, “i don’t know, oh yes, there’s a street sign, Paddington Street”, “oh”, “why?”,”because someone just phoned me from there”, “oh, sorry, wasn’t me”, “oh, it was probably my sister”, “yes, probably”, “is she there”, “no, there’s no one in here but me”, “what about outside. she’s got very short hair. and she’s called Karen”, “just a minute, i’ll have a look”, “thanks”, “THERE’S A PHONE CALLED FOR A SHORT HAIRED LADY CALLED KAREN ? no, sorry, just shouted down the street, no one’s about”, “ok, well, thanks anyway”, “that’s ok”, “have a good evening”, “yes, and you”, “bye”, “bye”.
and then a little later on my journey i found this very smart (and expensive) 4 Megapixel camera. i’ve reported it to the relevant authorities and now need to wait until the owner claims it.
i’m going to take a photo of me, the finder, with it so when it gets reunited with its owner they’ll have a nice momento. perhaps i’ll give them a link to the site too. there weren’t any photos on the camera already. I’ll let you know how i get on: