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submitted signs

i was sent these signs by reader marissa (not to be confused with reader rabbit). both are very good.
i particularly like the smartly dressedfulness of these two people. see how the older kid is pushing the smaller one in the back. she’s probably walking too slow. that’ll be because she’s a girl and everyone knows girls can’t walk fast.
or it might be because she hasn’t got any feet. and neither has the bloke. so perhaps he’s using her to steady himself.
i don’t know for sure. i’m just trying to interpret these things for you.
and how about this for a great sign. the problem is that they’ve assumed it will be people who will try and swim, yet it’s actually the ducks who have monopolised the place.
they should wrip that sign up and turn it the other way round.
or better two build a 2-sided one. they could then do one in english for people and one in duck-ish for duck people.
‘quack quack. quackety quack!” it’d say.
No Swimming.JPG