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twinkly trees

i got up at 6 this morning (which is 5 UK time) to go for a walk before breakfast. it was very dark but i did see this nice tree with church behind.

kezia with a christmas hat on

kezia is a very amusing small person. today she went off during lunch and returned a few moments later wearing this christmas hat which none of us knew we had !
she was very pleased with the reaction she got and wore it for the rest of the meal.


hehe. nearly christmas. wooohoo ! 7 more days to go …

nearly christmas

it’s the first of december today which of course means it’s only about a week until christmas (though it always seems much longer).
last night we had a band practice for the christmas services at church. everyone was in good spirits, primarily because Ian had raised the floor 5 centimetres. It took him 8 hours to raise it 5 cms, so it’s just as well it didn’t need to go any higher.
anyroadupdown, here is alan playing my bass and linda with a flute plunged through her heart
DSC05184.jpg DSC05185.jpg
it was also the first outing for jane’s new guitar:
of course, being christmas, there’s quite a few twinkly carols which don’t need musical accompaniament. such as this one which sounds nices because i wasn’t playing (or singing) in it !
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a christmas picture

this is a Christmas picture. but why ?
my true respect for the first to get the correct answer.

mr x(mas)

i took this photo a month or so back but thought it time to post it as our thoughts turn to christmas.
christmas work is seasonal for Mr Xmas.

christmas lights

oh dear. xmas lights are up already. i saw the one on the left near the Ivy yesterday lunch time and the Bond Street ones flashing away in the evening time.
why don’t they just leave them up all year ?
DSC04483.jpg DSC04488.jpg


i’m really scared now. christmas isn’t for another 3 months(ish). yet here is ANOTHER xmas thing already in circulation.
i’ve turned this photo upswaydown so you can see the christmas fella the right way up. unfortunately it means it looks like the roulade is stuck upswaydown on the plate. which it wasn’t.

xmas already ?

last weekend in hull we saw this roof top xmas display. it’s either early, late or permanent:
a little later on the same day we saw this, which is lots of father christmases (christmii?) in a shop window offering a discreet service:
and last night i received my first christmas present. it’s an extension cable from my father-in-law:

xmas cards

some people just don’t get the hang of easter. here are a load of christmas cards i saw near harley street this morning.
DSC02251.jpg DSC02252.jpg DSC02253.jpg

dismantling christmas

can’t be bothered to take your decorations off your tree ? just chuck it out in to the street like this tree:
it was obviously better decorated than this when it was first put out as there were baubles and tinsel all up the road. here are a few pictures (including one with my muddy boots)
DSC09445.jpg DSC09447.jpg
DSC09450.jpg DSC09451.jpg