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thomas on his bike

here is our nephew thomas on his maiden voyage on his christmas bike.
the grown ups were a lot more worried than he was. he was quite happy to throw himself on and off it at will.

word 12 – light: there’s more to life than christmas decorations

my mum sells christmas decorations to garden centres to sell to people like you and I.
she said yesterday “i need to remember there’s more in life than Christmas decorations”. which i thought was a good quote.
these people who live outside Reading might want to take my mum’s advice !

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guess who won the keep the christmas hat on the longest ?

hehe. i won for the 4th day running. the fact that jane and kezia didn’t get any sleep last night because of my hat rustling during the night was totally worth it.
kevin looks very depressed doesn’t he !
esther wrote me a letter to congratulate me on my win.
DSC05934.jpg DSC05936.jpg

a white christmas

there may have only been a couple of flakes, but enough for us to definately declare it was a white christmas !

2004 christmas card

here’s our 2004 christmas card.
previous years are here
happy christmas to you all !

click pictures to inspect in detail (regular readers will have seen these photos before!)

word 26 – picture perfect: HAPPY CHRISTMAS

here’s a photo i’ve been saving since july. it’s my christmas gift to you dear reader.
this couple very kindly let me take their photo in a scottish shopping centre. i suspect they might get asked this a lot as they instantly struck up this catalogue model pose.
they belong to the Clan Colquhoun (i wrote this down so i wouldn’t forget) and were totally lovely people !
they made me smile and i hope they do the same to you on this jolliest of days.

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word 16 – errand: no whole birds

my brother in law and i went to do some last minute shopping on christmas eve for our wives (we’ve one each). we were sent to buy skewers.
if we were after a turkey, it would have been too late …

top ‘o’ the tree

we love our fairy. usually there’s a big fight to be the nominated individual who that year will get to place the pivotal decoration on it’s alloted place.
this year jane lifted it out the box and plonked it straight on to avoid all the hassle.
i have no clue when it comes to astheticism (i don’t know how to spell it either). i thought astheticism was something which puts you to sleep in a hospital. luckily jane supervised the tree decorating and did a terrific job.
anyway, here are esther and kezia looking very pleased with themselves in the dark by the tree (take my word for it)

making use of cracker toys

this never happens so was totally worth a photo. it’s a chap at church using a cracker toy to mend a hallogen light !
crackers, bringing light to the world. official.

merry christmas fell apart

this was like distruction art.
as i walked past it at 7 this morning, bits of merry christmas were falling off the window.