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there was a short period of time where the design of microwaves and televisions collided.  nowadays tellies look like posters and microwaves look like toasters.  i think.

fantastic music tv

centre stage.jpg

i don’t normally do telly reviews – so excuse my attempt !

if you’re interested in live music and love jools holland-type showsthen check out From The Basement on SkyArts. I know i work for the company that broadcasts this, but i don’t do anything with telly things, so i think i’m being impartial.   You can watch lots of clips on you tube here.   i think it’s rather special.

Whilst i’m mentioning TV i can tell you i also watch My Name Is Earl, The Mighty Boosh and Flight of The Conchord.  and not much else really.

that’s the trailers over with.  now, back to the blog …

TV audience tickets

Are you interested in where you can get tickets to see TV programmes being made ? If so, here are a few places to try if you live in the UK
The Applause Store is currently advertising tickets for: Are You Smarter than a 10 year old? X-factor, Big Brother, The Album Chart Show, Celebrity Read Steady Cook, This Is Your Life, Ant and Dec, Top Gear, Parkinson etc
BBC Tickets Online is currently advertising tickets for BBC radio and television programmes. You can alos book a BBC tour !
Be On Screen looks like a comprehensive resource for tickets and opportunities to be part of shows and documentaries
Lost In TV currently has Who want to be a millionaire and various comedy shows
TV Recordings looks like another good source
SRO Audiences has Are You Smarter, but also Russell Brand, Mock The Week, Countdown, All Star Family Fortunes, Graham Norton, Bremner, Bird and Fortune and various other comedy things.
Telly Tastic has Ant and Dec, and various request for documentary / reality TV subjects (including a rather interesting Shed Stories home/lifestyle show!)
So there’s a few sites to get you going. I’ve no connection or experience with any of these sites, so mind how you go – ie always be careful giving out personal details to unknown places , both on and off line.
if you do go to anything good, let me know how you get on !

are you smarter than a 10 year old?

we got VIP tickets to see the making of “are you smarter than a 10 year old” yesterday at Elstree studios. it was 5 hours locked in a hot studio, but all good fun.
i hadn’t realised how important elstree studios are. see here for a list of films and TV stuff they do – things like the star wars trilogy, 2001 space odyssey, indian jones and various james bonds (not to mention monty python’s the meaning of life). It’s also home to Who Wants To Be A Millionaire and the Tweenies !
noel edmonds (mr tidy beard himself) was the host and he was excellent. read more about it here
I’ll let you know when the episodes we ‘audienced’ for are on telly.

tv floating down the thames

this isn’t the first time i’ve seen a television floating down the thames. but it is the best

the mighty boosh

somehow i’ve managed to miss the fact that Series 2 of the Mighty Boosh is on BBC3 at the moment. luckily (if you are in the UK) you can watch a streamed version via their website. Note the language warnings

darlek ?

i was sent this from reader mike who said it looks like a darlek. and so it does.
are you enjoying the new series of Dr Who by the way ? i am.