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street names

christies’ auction of street signs

Our old blog-friend Laurence of Christies (job title: Specialist, Mechanical Music and Technical Apparatus) dropped me an email to tell me there’s an auction on which may be of interest to funkypancake readers, especially those who love street signs.
he sent me these pictures and there’s more in the guidebook
The sale is on the 31st May and more details can be found here (signs start from lot 221)
There’s a few street signs including one of a tube station which no longer exists !
some pictures of the street signs in an office (click for big)

happy land

there is actually a place called happy land. you can see it here if you don’t believe me

last few signs

remember the london sign auction ? well it was a success apparently and they’ve only got three left:
Lot 247 COPTHALL CLOSE E. C. 2 – single
Lot 254 FENCHURCH AVENUE E. C. 3 – single
Lot 270 NUN COURT – pair
They are still available as an aftersale and are reasonably priced apparently.
If you want more info or are interested, let me know and i’ll give forward you the mail i got from Christies’, or you can phone Christies’ on 0207 752 3278
christies sale.jpg
(photo from the Christie’s site)

buy a london street sign !

it’s not everyday you get an email from top london auction house Christie’s, but i did yesterday.
Apparently, lot 5683 titled “”Mechanical Music,Technical Apparatus and London Street Signs” has 73 City of London street signs for sale. the signs start at item 234.
the auction is on the 26th May, so start saving you pennies [insert appropriate local currency here] now
christies sale.jpg
(photo from the Christie’s site)

london is a spaceship

we all know that london is a giant space ship, but the question i’ve always asked is ‘where does the driver sit’.
then i discovered this. it’s a street called ‘cockpit steps’ and is between Buckingham Palace and the Houses of Parliament. Highly suspicious


so where’s does the modern man (or lady) go ogling ?
ogle street. that’s where.