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street names

batman street


my colleague simon found this whilst adventuring in an australian suburb.  tremendous stuff. 

(amazingly a quick google map search shows there are two separate batman streets in Melbourne)

sign in a kiwi pub toilet


it’s funny the things you find in toilets on the other side of the planet.  ti’s probably about impossible to be any further away from church street london over here.  but there’s a sign hanging in a local pub.

factory land versus ferry land


as theme parks go, these were both pretty specialised.  but you’ve got to find your niche in these modern days.  factory land and ferryland were divided by this rusty drain




‘sturge’  what a brilliant word !

bird mews


if a bird mews, it’s probably a cat in a cunning disguise

man in the moon passage, london


occasionally when i’m walking across london i see a street with such a fantastic name i have to detour down it.  this was one such place, and i ended up getting a bit lost as a result, but well worth it !

farringdon lan
i took a picture of this as i thought it was a view of the wireless future where every street or area has its own wifi computer network. Farringdon is fairly high-techy area so that seemed appropriate.
but imagine my surprise when i looked at the photo more closely. click on the picture for a big view and look at the right side of the name plate ! This sign was quite high up the wall and i didn’t spot it at the time.
i love it when i discover undiscovered things in my discoveries !

herbal hill

herbal highs available at the summit ?