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nelson uncovered

old nelson has been repaired and was unveiled yesterday. i didn’t realise this at the time, but i managed to capture the workmen taking off the scaffolding. for a closer view (from the other side) see here.
funkypancake – bringing you pictures of the news from a different viewpoint and a little bit late (and mostly by accident)

i thought of a great title for this picture, but decided i couldn’t really put it on the site as i think it might be a bit rude (though in fact the word itself is not that rude). have a think, then click this link for an explanation (i can only apologise).
i do like the picture though.

negative statue

this statue picture looked a bit boring so i negatived it and it now looks a bit fancier.

a different head

look closely and you’ll see it’s a head replacement

not the bogey man

i overheard someone say to their frightened (and if i’m honest frightening) child “how many times do i have to tell you, that is NOT the bogeyman, it’s Humpty Dumpty”.

cliveden long garden

nice low hedges:

eery statues:

and some nice high hedges:

and nice topiary:

inverse bad weather

here is a stormy weather picture inverted. as usual you can click it for a big version, or there a slightly zoomeder in one here

the wee man

so how does london compete with a mannequin pis belgian weeing statue ? With a Weee man of course.

there’s more info here and here

it’s right by mayor ken’s place. the weeeman doesn’t look too pleased about ken’s place though

interestingly this heap of pointlessness is in exactly the same place as blaine-in-a-box was hanging out 18ish months ago

he’s only around in london until the 27th May so be quick !