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tower bridge and statue

i’m not sure which of these two photos i like best – what do you think ?
Sky colour thanks to my polarising filter. worked quite well i think

london guitar town

there are a load of 10 foot high gibson guitars on the southbank near city hall and the tower of london (and tower bridge). they are very smart. go and see them
070724_350d_img_1495.jpg 070724_350d_img_1511.jpg
070724_350d_img_1513.jpg 070724_350d_img_1520.jpg
the guitar in the cage is signed by bruce dickinson – obviously too dangerous to leave roaming like the others
they are ten feet tall
the photo at the top was an attempt to use fill-in flash with a teeny weeny aperture to get the sun effect. not sure if it worked. i’d forgotten my remote trigger otherwise i could have had even more fun

albert memorial

prince albert was actually made of gold you know

Gormley statue

these things are a brilliant new addition to the london skyline. more to follow (more info here)

door heads

these statues stand each side of our church door, both looking straight ahead.
so they never look like this:
070121_850_img_0522.jpg 070121_850_img_0523.jpg
or this:
070121_850_img_0523.jpg 070121_850_img_0522.jpg

showtime for the mannequin pis

i’ve reported on the mannequin pis a number of times, but i can’t remember him ever having a fancy window display showing a replica of himself all lit up next to him. he’s just becoming so touristy.