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pencils and pencils


we had an excellent meeting at church last night.  it was enhanced (at least for me) by the huge amount of pens and pencils in this chap’s pocket.

the stationery lady

this lady was looking over the next balcony to where i was standing.  she was waving a pair of scissors about as she talked on her phone.


she also had three pend in her hair.


giant pencil case


this is a really nice idea.  it’s a workman’s hording just off hyde park.  the pens and pencils are all giant versions, and are much better than the usual builders barrier things (there’s a word for that).  you can see the bus stop in the foreground to give you an idea of scale.

office remains

look at all this stuff. holes from paper punches, odd staples and bent paperclips. it’s a street bound office clearout