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slow portraits

my mate paul


well, i recorded a slow portrait and made paul sit still for 5 minutes.  but then i managed to format the memory card before loading it on to the pooter and all was lost.  sorry paul and sorry everyone else.


slow portrait 8 – trefor

here’s slow portrait number 8.  it’s trefor of philosopher on tap.  i gave him free range to do what he liked with his 4 minutes, so he decided to talk through some it, despite me telling him it would have no sound.  what did he say ?  lip readers, reveal all in the comments !

slow portrait 7 – brad

this slow portrait is brad.  he’s an actor, so is good at this kind of thing.  it was a it weird though as although i’ve ‘known’ him for years through the blog this was the first time we’d met in real life when he was over for work.  we chatted like old chums for an hour then i sprung this on him.  and we both had to sit still not talking to each other for 4 minutes. 

brad said afterwards he’d done three quite small, but deliberate things during his 4 minutes.  can you work out what they are ?  (i’m not sure whether the quality of the video shows them up or not – you’ll have to see for yourself!)

slow portrait 6 – julia

This time it’s the lovely julia.  my camera was a bit confused by the bright background, so the quality (of filming) is not up to the usual ‘high’ quality!

don’t forget to watch for the full 4 minutes to appreciate the slowness of a proper slow portrait. 

why not make yourself a hot drink to supp on whilst watching. let me know what drinks work best

slow portrait #5 – richard

here’s our good friend richard doing a slow portrait.  does he make it all the way through ?


this photo isn’t a slow portrait so don’t both staring at it too long

slow portrait 3 – rascle

it’s interesting to see how different people approach doing their slow portraits.  rascle went for a moment of uncontrolled giggling after a few seconds before going back to usual seriousness.