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signs (of hounds)

great pointy dog sign


this is a classic dog sign.  look at the protrusion – it looks like it’s being poked with a giant finger.

good reason for no dogs


little spotted is another way of seeing ‘seldom seen’.  as no dog excuses go, this is a good one.

very detailed signage


there’s something very exciting about the level of detail in kiwi and signs.  the skateboarder on the right is fantastic

dog dispenser


a dog dispenser to help clean up dog dispenses

dog collar


an excellent dog sign from new zealand here.  but just look what the owner is wearing.


not content with cutting themselves in to quaters and having one arm longer than the other, they’ve also taken to wearing a rather natty shirt collar.  a dog collar perhaps ?

two tone dog zone


two slightly different dog signs in the same area.  interesting.


strange dog sign

No Dogs Allowed.jpg

regular reader jenny sent me this remarkable dog sign.  definitely worth clicking to see it in more detail. She asks what sort of dog it is.  i’ve no idea – have you ?