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signs (of hounds)

dan’s dog doo sign pictures

dan CIMG2601.jpg

Dan says these are from Washington DC, outside the Indian Embassy with Gandhi in the

dan CIMG2600.jpg

dog walking allowed on the queen’s birthday


apologies if there’s duplication here, getting a bit confused about what went on funkypancake and which one went on the other blog.  but this sign seems to suggest you can walk your dog on the beach to celebrate the queen’s birthday

dog with a strange body


there’s something not quite right with this dog.  especially round the lower tummy area.  best not to ask too many questions.

and the chap above limping to the information kiosk could do with an extra arm

water for dogs


my colleague simon sent me this.  he said there was no water.  or dogs.

dog exclusion zone


two things here.  very long tail on the dog, and a defined 10 metre exclusion zone of any playground.  is this a worldwide restriction, in which case how come we’ve not seen more of these signs ?

i wonder if the tail is a 10metre ‘yard stick’ so you can measure how far away from any playground it is ?

funky dog poo bins


have you ever seen anything like this before ?  fantastic stuff.