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signs (no parking)

no parkvertising
here are a load of cool parking signs around the Spitalfields area of London. They are outside W+K‘s office so i suspect it’s actually advertising people showing off. but it’s good showing off.
and, in a bizarre blogs-collide type way, Russel has posted an interview with one of the W+K planners !

players of the day

how do you know if you are going to be awarded ‘player of the day’ until you’ve played your game and turned out better than everyone else ?

don’t park on piano keys

we had a music practice last night and jane asked lynda the piano player to play a little riff thing that she sung. “just a minute” said lynda, “i need to work out where the notes are”. i helpfully pointed out that she had loads of them on that funny long black and white table she was sitting at.
her piano might have more notes than my bass guitar, but i can play the same note on different strings, whereas she only has one of each note at each pitch. so there.

tree pruning

parking was suspended yesterday due to tree pruning.
i hope they hadn’t suspended it from an overhead branch.

the new parking meter phenomena

have you noticed these new things which have appeared on some parking meters ? They are bags with words on.
i noticed this on Monday evening:
and then i spotted this one yesterday morning:
what does it all mean (and more specifically what do they both mean ?)