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signs (no parking)

who laid out this sign


i saw this an instantly thought some words must have been scrubbed out.  it took me a while to realise they hadn’t.  this is it.

two sticks are better than one


i like to look around as i walk.  last week i spotted these two sticks in the ground and let my eyes follow then up to the top to see why there was two


and there seemed to be no logical explanation as this lovely selection of signs could have been held on a single stick


so my only thoughts are that it’s for the benefit of dogs and this may be the first ‘his and hers’ weeing posts ?


confusing signs though, aren’t they readers ?

tow away hall users only


they must really dislike the hall users if they are going to tow only their cars away

police informed of obstruction


bit presumptuous. there might not be an obstruction.  that’s the idea of the sign.  unless they think the battle is already lost.

the p-word

the talk at church yesterday was about the ‘p word’ (prayer) and how we need help. made me think of this picture which i was about to post. funny old world.