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polish guide to scotland

i spotted this book in a polish kiosk window and i thought i provided a nice link between our recent holiday in scotland and my few days in warsaw. i like links like that.

where to stay in poolewe

these were the holiday cottages / bungalows that we stayed in whilst in scotland. excellently large with three bedrooms and three bathrooms ! their website even has a nice floor plan.

beinn eighe visitor centre

we walked up a bit of a mountain in the rain at Beinn Eighe. There’s a great choices of walks, from the flat wheel chair nature trail through to a proper up-a-mountain trek (which was a bit too ambitious for us). there’s a nice visitor centre and good children quizzes.
instead we did the bite-size ‘quite far up the mountain, but not too bad’ one which gave us great views over loch maree
it had all your classic walking things, like stepping stones over mountain streams, before finaly getting back down to loch level.

first of many scottish landscape pictures

here is a sunset near helensburgh. i’ve got millions of landscape pictures from our trip up north, so just ignore them if you find them a bit tedious. i’ll try and spread them out a bit.
when you look at them, perhaps throw some iced water on your face and stand by an air-conditioner on full blow to get the true scottish effect

c u (jimmy)

now, i’m hoping this isn’t a racial stereotype, but i can reveal people in glasgow have quite a strong accent. i had a few problems understanding a taxi driver (but i have that problem in london too).
i remember there was a dreadful comedian when i was growing up who did an impression of a scottish person which involved saying ‘see you jimmy’ lots. it seems scottish transport have maintained this tradition.