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highway pursuit


i’m not sure if this is an official police car.

still, people sometimes bring their own laptops to work, or use their own mobile phones.  so if you were a policeman then i couldn’t blame you from bringing your own vehicle in.

yellow and orange


note sure if the difference in colours on these police cars is significant.  i’ll make it my business to find out and let you know.

too many messages


aaargh.  too much to remember.  just as well “don’t panic” isn’t on the list

can you help ?

did you see or hear anything ? what – ever ?

stealthy police bikes

it’s a bit tricky to make out, but on this lorry are two incredibly brightly painted police bikes next to two black stealthy motorbikes. i just thought that was a bit interesting.

sometimes the idea is better than the final photo

i nearly managed to get a fantastic picture here. the idea was to get the police phone box between the two police men, flanked either side by the two zebra crossing lights.
i even thought i might chance a zoom in to get their helmeted heads either side of the light at the top of the box.
but … it was raining and very windy, there was a lamppost in the way, i wasn’t sure if you are allowed to take photos of policeman on duty and the policemen themselves kept moving about so it was difficult to line up (and i thought they might turn round).
perhaps more importantly, it was just in front of the US embassy in london, so i thought i’d best not look too suspicious (or i might have been shot by the armed police standing near by)
call me a coward, but some photos i just have to do without ! still, you get the idea

money laundring a speciality

i think it’s quite cute how this nice village bobby is telling you to STOP! and bring your dry cleaning there. but at the same time i’m not sure if i like the threat it implies. will we get arrested if we don’t bring it in ?

police branding

how’s this for a hideous logo ? it’s criminal.

cop car
everyone in our house loves this little police car. it’s got a really nice bouncy suspension and whizzes along nicely.
we once had two then we lost one then we lost the other one then we found this one which was one or the other of the ones we lost (but not the other)
anyway, if you want to buy a full sized one go here

i asked for permission before i took this photo !

police cheque

here is a police lady parked up in the bus lane getting some money out of the bank.
which reminds me of my very first joke i ever made up:

why do they call policemen ‘coppers’ ?
because the change is good as arrest

the laughing police man

here’s a chap guarding 10 Downing Street. he looks very jovial, which is what you’d expect to see from a traditional british bobby in a tourist hot spot.
click to enjoy his jolly smile