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death trap

the aftermath of plumbers is always exciting. we’ve had a few surprised following last weeks heating replacement.
this is my favourite. it’s bare wires sticking out of a hole on top of our kitchen work top. just next to where the girls sometimes sit when jane is in the kitchen.
i suspect we won’t let them sit there for a while.


it’s been a bit rainy for the last 24 hours. even the drains have given up and have decided that ‘if you can’t beat them join them’ and are now spewing water out in to the streets.
this means you can wet up and down at the same time.
we had a gas leak at home yesterday apparently. this is a very eery thing as last time i bought a bass guitar (10 years ago) that was also related to a gas leak (my housemate couldn’t afford the gas bill so i paid and he gave me his guitar). yesterday i bought my new bass and the gas starts leaking.
we’re or what ?

the new boiler …

… is very very big.
we might be saving the global environment with our low pollution boilet, but we have spoilt the local kitchen environment. oh well.

the big tap

ah. the big tap was there all along. here is a much better picture.

“nice butt”

it turns out they do have to throw that green thing away. they’ve replaced it with a blue one which is a much nicer colour.
so the poor old green one stands outside. but what’s this ? he has found a friend. it’s the water butt !
it’s like a salt water fish meeting a fresh water fish. it’s domestic hot water heater meeting the cold rain water storer.
they are chalk and cheese. but they get on SO well.


the plumbers have gone home. but not before a chap telling me he was going to sort out the 22s (because they go in to two 15s at the moment and that’s the reason he had to take the floor up). he’s also going to do the TSPs and the ladd rad tomorrow.
pity i’m going to work and will miss all the fun !
anyway, it’s starting to look good. our outside now has a sheet shoved in it(left) and we have lots of debris in our back garden (right):
DSC04034.jpg DSC04036.jpg


it’s traditional to give the domestic workmen drinks and biscuits and stuff. i’m in my office writing and reviewing documents so i can’t do that.
so instead i’m playing radiohead at them. so far so good.
we’re working our way through in reverse chronological order.
but get this. i spotted it was raining and went out and got the washing in. how did i spot it was raining ? by smell. how fantastic is that ?
i’m like a fox or some other slightly domesticated wild animal (who happens to have a website).

pokey things

i went downstairs for a sandwich and decided not to bother. i’ve got plenty of chocolate to keep me going.
the boiler men are absolutely everywhere and so are all their things.
here is the inside of our old boiler.


i’m locked away in my office so i didn’t realise what has become of the house until i popped down to the kitchen for a cup of hot water.
here is a tidy bit. it seems you need to take the floor up if you want to mend the heating. i REALLY don’t understand these things.
which is why i’ve whizzed back to the office to get back on with my work and pretend it’s all not happening !

plumbing the depth

i’m working from home today as i’ve still got my millions of deadlines and times running out. so i did another 4am start.
but to make things more exciting today we’re also having our heating replaced and new radiator installed and stuff.
i’ve got 4 hours of work behind me already and i’m going to lock myself way so things should be fine. but it’s just what you need isn’t it.
here’s our current hot water tank. no idea if it’s going to be replaced or not. i don’t know how this stuff works !