it’s traditional to give the domestic workmen drinks and biscuits and stuff. i’m in my office writing and reviewing documents so i can’t do that.
so instead i’m playing radiohead at them. so far so good.
we’re working our way through in reverse chronological order.
but get this. i spotted it was raining and went out and got the washing in. how did i spot it was raining ? by smell. how fantastic is that ?
i’m like a fox or some other slightly domesticated wild animal (who happens to have a website).


6 thoughts on “radiohead”

  1. As much as I love Radiohead, I’m not sure it’s the kind of music to play at Plumbers. You’ll probably find them in floods of tears if you carry on. Why not try something a bit merrier and they might get the job done quicker..?

  2. Tim's dad's Pete's son Tim

    They might prefer Ian’s ex-partner John Squires Seahorses band a little more.
    Not Aqua, tho. They wouldn’t appreciate the melodies. Actually, i’m not sure anyone appreciates the melodies…..

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