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outside speakers and cameras


slightly unrelated note: bit annoying about the return of the booming-backpackers yesterday (Warren Street is less than 5 minutes walk from my office). still, london’s london and we all just get on with life.
i know lots of you read from around the world. london itself hasn’t changed. so if you were thinking of visiting, do !
here’s a load of cameras

euro announcement

here’s a europe flag flying at our local village fete.

hidden camera

very strange hidden camera on a plant pot. it was pointed at a park bench. very mysterious.

hear the tree bark

you’ve heard the saying ‘his bark was worse than his bike’ well, here is a tree which has chosen to amplify its voice to equalise that equation.

outside speakers

outside speakers are everywhere.
i’ve realised i’ve been taking a lot of photos of outside speakers and cameras so i’ve set up a dedicated category for them.
i’ll retrofit old articles in due course, or later, whichever i get round to first.