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outside speakers and cameras




danger 12ft drop


they are prepared to film people who drop off

day 10 shopping in haverfordwest and narberth

day 10 was a town visiting day.  we were in search of the gorky’s barafundle album which we eventually found in a second hand record trail.  we went to two of the most fantastic second hard record shops ever in fact, and i highly recommend them both if you find yourself in that part of town.  one of the gorky’s himself pops in occasionally, so that would have been very bizarre.

anyway, bonkers is a great name for traditional ladies clothing


it probably would have been a better name for this charity shop which had a mannequin dressed mostly in plastic bags


of course the welsh need to keep an eye on their flags


and you can never have enough apostrophe’s


surveillance nation


we often hear that the UK has more CCTV cameras per person than any other country, but it turns out that was a vague fact someone once made up.  i know that because i listened to radio 4 on the way home yesterday and that makes you brainy.  there was also some interesting thing about online research vs telephone polls.  see hear

mannequin pis


mannquin pis is a long time friend of funkypancake (i’d suggest you’d look in the categories archive, but they are rather deaded at the moment)


as usual people gathered to photograph the spectacle of a weeing statue


and there’s a classic collection of mannequin pis related paraphenalia


but watch out for the camera security

statue monitoring


no one has felt easy since that Dr Who episode where the statues were alive.  drastic measures have been taken to assure citizens that they are safe.