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who’s running this place ?

if this is england, why do we have pictures of an old American preseident on the illustrated coins on the pay-and-display machines in our local train station ?

a quick way to spend some money

if you don’t press the button correctly you have to pay £1000. that’s a lot of money. you’ll probably find that most tube trains stop at the station anyway.
it’s only the emergency trains which don’t stop which is why you need a special button. probably.

false find

after my lucky £5 find yesterday i was quite excited about the prospect of this being a £20. but it was just some advertising. so i put it in the bin.

stuck coin

this coin was glued to the floor of the train to henley using the old glue-a-coin-to-the-floor trick. normally this trick involves a 50 pence piece. this being henley it was a nice round pound.

1 pence

following elton’s comments on the found pound i’ve decide to combine the two concepts. i’ll leave the money on the street, but donate my own equivalence to the needy, thus doubling the street value.

2 pence

on a thames train at 11pm in reading