found (white goods)

radiators and a mini-heatwave

yesterday was a good day for radiators. it’s worth noting that the temperature in london has jumped about 10 degrees in the last few days.
a coincidence ? i think not.
DSC08392.jpg DSC08432.jpg


did you spot the vacuum cleaner hiding behind ?

the council goes one better

here is a council street junk collecting van. it contained items of furniture, white good (fridge, cooker), trollies, mattresses etc.
it was like the funkypancake blog doing a roadshow.

a cool way to travel

someone’s parked their fridge up against the railings like the bikes along the path. i imagine the fridge isn’t the fastest method of travel, but in summer it’s aircon is fantastic.

hide and seek

if you like a challenge, DON’T play hide and seek with a fridge. they are rubbish.
i spotted this fridge playing with the letter box. the letter box is cunningly sneaking up behind him. but even if it had approached from the other side the fridge is pathetically badlyly hidden.
but then as we all know, postboxes haven’t got very good eye sight. so perhaps it would have thought the black/white/black combination of the fridge behind a black post was a vertical zebra crossing.

white crayon

when i set up the category found white goods i didn’t expect to use it for a white crayon. i like crayons. i like how they have their colour written on the wrapper.
but white crayons ? most people use white paper, or have white on the backgrounds of their computer documents, so what use is a white crayon ? poor man’s correction fluid perhaps ?


there’s a dishwasher in the street down the road from my house. imagine how old fashioned that house is, having an outside dishwasher. just like the old days.
anyway, here is a photo on the way to the pub and a little bit more daring on the way back. brother kevin has opened the device to check the level of the contents, which he agreed was very executive. did you hear that ? “executive”.
DSC00629.jpg DSC00636.jpg

middle class equipment

our friend tony is trying really hard to be middle class. so much so that he bought himself a picnic hamper. here are the wine goblets with associated rosey red apples.
later tony slept on the floor next to the picnic and his car:
meanwhile the girls blew bubbles:
and then sat in the boot of the car:

found stuff

fridge freezer and a sofa.
the fridge freezer is looking rather depressed and may be considering throwing itself off over the railings. i tried talking to it but it wouldn’t answer.
the cushion had been moved on the chair so i suspect someone had been looking for lost money and other items down the back of the sofa. i certainly couldn’t find anything when i had a look
DSC00368.jpg DSC00371.jpg