found (white goods)


spot the comedy british electricity plug peeping over the top

silver fridge freezer

here’s a chrome fridge freezer …

looking enviously at a BT phone box

street fridge

a fridge is a white good, but this one is brown. and it may not actually be a fridge. but not to worry.


not a fantastic picture

this photo isn’t what it should have been.
what it should have been was a photo of this washing machine, taken by me lying on the floor looking up at it, with BT tower tower-ing over it in the background.
i had it all planned when i saw it the evening before, but it was raining then so i decided to come back the next morning.
but just as i arrived two blokes were dragging it (the washing machine, not BT tower) up the street a bit then placed it against the wall, so there was no chance of me getting the photo i wanted.
if i’d have arrived 5 minutes earlier i could have got the photo for you.
sorry about that

insert powder

i love this picture. i like the angle, the double yellas, the kitchen flooring on top and the open powder tray. definitely worth clicking to see the big version
it’s scenes like these which make my life as a pedestrian commuter such fun.


look at this industrial strength cooker. it’s a solid top. but obviously isn’t:
it’s does look quite smiley though:

click for big