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AirNZ running on linux


here’s the in flight entertainment system on the plane.  the person’s in front of me crashed (a plane crash no less) and the attendant reached under the seat to reboot it.  and up popped a friendly penguin and a linux restart procedure.


the flight to work


as commutes go, it’s quite a long one, but quite pretty on a nice day like last Friday when i had a day trip to wellington to my other office


here are some shots from the plane


airnz is great. 


they have a really funny safety video which they show on short haul flights (you’ll probably need to watch it twice on youtube here) and they give you a bag of sweets (which they call lollies, but there were no sticks to be seen)


and when it’s nearly time to land they give you a boiled sweet.  apparently airnz tried to withdraw these complementary sweets but the whole country revolted.  so they were reinstated.

you’ve got to love a country which is completely laid back about everything except a free boiled sweets to protect your ears when on a plane.


the avro lancaster


we went to a donkey derby yesterday which included a fly by of a rare avro lancaster


according to the blurb in the program it was “an underpowered and singularly unsuccessful aircraft”.  classic british design therefore


there’s only two in flying condition in the world, the other being in canada


this one did a couple of nice swoops over the local houses


just look at the state of this chap’s aerial


a great show


here’s the complete set in case you are interested.  and if not, why not ?  don’t answer that.



everything needs its own part number.  especially the inflight headphones

bees at church

kezia spotted a swarm of bees when we arrived at church yesterday (we’re usually first in as we need to set the PA up and have our band practice). Anyway, whilst we were practising the girls told the church wardens who made this fantastic blockage
they also tried to stop any more bees joining the swarm, although i’m not sure how many can read )or perhaps they can – that’s what spelling bees are about).
and just in case you are interested, here are the bees.

home of the parachutists

it’s a popular missconception that parachutists spend their entire life floating around in the sky.
In fact, only perhaps 84% of their time is spent falling, another 22% is spent in airplanes, whilst the remaing minus 6% is spent on the ground in homes such as this.

(not to be confused with the classic yoko ono album)