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the last daffodil
we saw this daffodill in kew gardens about a month ago. it was standing proud whilst all the other daff’s had died. well done sir (though i imagine it too has been chopped down by now)


finally, we caught the bluebells in full bloom.
we went a couple of weeks ago and then there were none. Last week they were just starting, but yesterday there was plenty of them
it was a cloudy day, so the colours don’t show up fantastically i’m afraid
of course the bluebells always look bluer from the other side. And this carpetted wood was not open to walkers. oh well.
looking back at the archives we did this in the same place last year too

flowers of some sort

you know how useless i am at flowers and stuff. well i do know something about these things. their flowers are actually ears and they are on of the few plants that can actually listen to their environment.

applauding nature

jane’s still busy marking so i’m in charge of the girls at weekends. after sticky tape on their faces we went to Cliveden House again.
we decided that the blossom on the trees was so beautiful that we should give it a round of applause every time we saw some particular nice example.
unfortunately this made our walk quite slow, and quite noisey. but it was fun.
why don’t you applaude nature out loud over the bank holiday weekend ?

alien flowers

these things are weird with their eyes looking and their mouth pursed.

instructions for the flowers

if you were a flower would you really want to walk on a mown path ? mown path suggests grass which has been cut. if i was a flower i’d want to stay clear of such destruction in case it came my way