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what are these flowers ?

any idea what these flowers are ? my mum wants to know ! (she thought they grew from a ‘bulb situation’ which i thought was a good phrase)

i was really pleased with this photo which i took whilst lying down in a field of buttercups. unfortunately i had really bad hayfever later that evening and could hardly breath. serves me right !

poppies for poppy
these poppies are for poppy (fresh daughter of funkypancake web-landlord matt and work colleague nancy).

regent park roses
i had a meeting near Regents Park yesterday morning so walked there through the drizzle and passed a huge load of roses
they were everywhere and smelt quite pleasant

managing expectations

I love this sign stuck up near the entrance to a National Trust place we went to on Saturday:
“If you’re expecting a dazzling display of winter pansies and tulips in the Parterre this spring, unfortunately you will be disappointed”.
we weren’t expecting such things, but i felt compelled to be a little disappointed anyway.


i walked through a field and picked a buttercup. it’s funny how people leave their buttocks lying around.
(sorry – old joke)