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door bells

a selection of doorbells


hoorah for random doorbells.  nothing sums up the mix of people within these flats better than their different approaches to doorbells.  brilliant stuff

we have the technology


i put a new door bell button up on saturday as the previous one was just dangling on wires outside our front door.  it didn’t solve the problem of it’s very quietness however, nor did it alter the fact that our new plastic door doesn’t have a knocker.

this problem has been weighing on my mind for a few weeks, and inspiration came to me during the sermon on sunday.  i was thinking about what things we have in the house that are activated by pressing a single button, and which are so loud and in-you-face that they would be heard all over the house.

when we got home kezia and i decided to hot-wire up my incredibly loud indian singer dancing thing.  it really is loud.  but it was fun ‘hacking’ his inards to make him work.

now all i need is to build the shelf for him to sit on by the door …

disabled bell

they should enable this bell. it’d work better.

i am old but i am not deaf

this is a classic doorbell: “ring bell once. i am old but i am not deaf”
the window garden is a bit old too
although the next doors are very patriotic

fantastic outside tiles
these tiles are just so good. it’s a shame they are on the outside of the building !