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push with your left hand


6 thoughts on “push with your left hand”

  1. I agree it’s a right hand on the sign.
    but the sign was on the door, so assuming you want to push the door in exactly the place the hand is, and if you want to put palm to palm it’ll be your left hand.
    that was my logic. what do others think ?
    it’s not like me to get something completely the wrong way round !

  2. I think it depends which side the bell was on. If, in order to ring the bell, you had transferred your heavy shopping to your non-bellpushing hand, then you would probably push the door with that free hand. So, which side was it?

  3. I think there was no thought!
    The ‘author’ just picked up a graphic and used it.
    really boring!, but why should that stop the philosophical debate?

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