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return of the wispa chocolate bar ?

i couldn’t believe it when i saw this chocolate machine in the shop opposite my office. it claimed to contain Wispas !
i love wispas (see here), but sadly it wasn’t to be as the machine is long since broken. but i wonder if there’s still a few wispas left in there ?
so, i was delighted and saddened all at the same time. you never forget your first love.

please don’t put pies in the chocolate fondue

i like (love) cold chocolate, but i’m simply uninterested in warm chocolate. so i wasn’t really that bothered by this fantastic giant pouring chocolate fondue thing.
there was an announcement that we weren’t to dip the meat pies in it. which seemed fair enough.

the power of chocolate

we had lots of people round for lunch yesterday. it was amazing how quickly the children gathered once the chocolates were opened.


i’ve had no chocolate bars for about 6 weeks now i think. that’s a bit amazing (for me anyway).
however, i have rediscovered the joy of plain biscuits, as seen here in a busy meeting

chocolate cake

today i’ll have gone three weeks without eating a chocolate bar ! that’s quite amazing for me.
yesterday we ate at Harry Ramsden’s fish bar in Bournemouth. i had battered fish and this giant chocolate pudding with chocolate ice-cream. i’m intolerant to eggs so it wasn’t a great idea and i felt really ill all the way home.
but it’s not a chocolate bar as such, so according to my own rules (which i made up) my diet is still working.

the end of easter

for many people yesterday represented the end of summer as children returned to school.
for kezia it was also the end of easter as she finished the last of her final remaining easter egg.
i myself haven’t eaten chocolate since 3pm on sunday which is very good going for me.

transport failure provisions

i had to walk from the Tower of London to Paddington yesterday evening and i wasn’t sure how long it would take to get there and if there’d be any trains when i got there, and even if there was how many other people would be trying to get on them !
in the end it just reopened as i got there and i jumped straight on to a train and didn’t need any of my emergency war rations.

easter eggs

i can’t believe their self control. Kezia still has one Easter Egg left. here she is breaking in to it.
Esther meanwhile has at least three left !