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unwrapping the choc

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i got sent some lovely free chocolate from cadburys new zealand because they are lovely.

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chocolate fish in the chocolate drink


like a man in a room unable to put a teacosey on his head, a man on his own with a chocolate fish and a bowl of hot chocolate can’t help but seeing if the chocolate covered marshmallow fish will balance on the frothy top


it didn’t balance, but once it had sunk it started to melt and within 2 minutes was a gorgeous slippery fish which was well worth catching and swallowing in one.


gone to moro


here’s a moro bar that looks like it’s crying.  well, it is.  because they are no longer made in new zealand.


instead they are going to be imported from australia.  outrageous isn’t it.


you see, it’s not just you brits who have problems with cadbury’s.

something is missing


look at this sealed pack of luxury chocolates that a friend opened !  someone on the production line must have forgotten to bring their sandwiches !



scroggin is a great word

dairy milk kiwi style


chocolate is expensive here.  but still readily available.  and actually, if you buy a big bar, like this 200g dairy milk, not too bad value


and it’s exciting too.  your chocolate comes in a cardboard wrapper, which is opened to reveal a silver foil covered chocolate bar


there’s something about it which is very Roald Dahl-esque.  i didn’t win a golden ticket sadly


the chocolate itself is quite thin rather than the big old chunksters we got back in blighty (no longer called ‘home’ deliberately when remembering the old days, just over a fortnight ago).

And it tastes different too.  like supermarket own brand chocolate.  but whatever it contains is like human cat-nip as i can’t help scoffing whole bars at a time.

which simply aint good.

wispas in a blue bucket

this is no way to treat chocolate – by the way, i’m back on the chocolate now.  although nowhere near the level of previously and feeling much more in control of the situation !



i’ve had no chocolate bars for nearly a year, and it looks like wispa’s are back for good.  typical.

mmm chocolate


we went to TGI Friday’s yesterday to celebrate the end of jane’s marking, the completion of my first assignment, kezia’s tooth falling out, and esther just being esther.


jane and i shared a chocolate brownie pudding, marking the first time in over 6 month’s i’ve eaten chocolate.  to be honest it mostly tasted of ice-cream, and my ‘problem’ is with cold chocolate bars rather than warm cakey chocolate so i’m not overly concerned about slipping back in to old habits.

it was quite interesting though and i actually felt quite nervous before eating it !  you’ll notice the third spoon which was esther’s contribution

chocolate chaps


still no chocs for me since last october !  (still just as much a nightmare as the day i gave up though)

my first pain au raisin


being chocolate free is still a nightmare and i regularly dream of scoffing the stuff.  i’ve still managed to keep it up for several months (i can’t remember when i actually decided to stop).

anyway, i’ve been having croissants for breakfast instead of pain au chocolat, but a cafe i went to didn’t have croissants so i had to have either pain au choc or pain au raisin (both seen here).

it was alright, but nothing can ever be better than chocolate.  humph.

no chocolate


the chocolate dispensing machine at my local train station was all smashed up this morning.


this must have had a subliminal effect on me as later i decided to buy a couple of bananas from tesco’s for my breakfast instead of my usual pain of chocolates (i usually have two window’s worth).  i’ve decided i need to sort my diet out again else risk becoming ill again.  So we’ll have to see how i get on !  24 hours without chocolate so far !