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this one was the wrong way up so i flipped it over:
DSC06704.jpg DSC06705.jpg

a tricky card

having not seen any playing cards in the wild for a while i spotted two lots today about a mile apart. the first lot are here, but it is this one which really interested me.
i spotted it on the floor and used my usual paper kicking technique to flip the card over, but it would not turn. i kicked again and it just skidded down the pavement. one more kick and it flipped in the air but landed back face down. i gave it one more kick to no avail then decided to stop as it was heading for the road.
so i bent down, turned it over, and it was … the joker !
DSC05928.jpg DSC05929.jpg


some cards on a fire escape
DSC05925.jpg DSC05926.jpg

cards at tate modern

someone (yrret?) had written their name on the floor in the tate modern in Iraqi war villain playing cards which was nice. it worked quite well in reflection from the mirror ceiling.


it’s been a good day for my collections. here are a load of playing cards. unfortunately most of these were too worn out to be identifiable. and i’ve also made a policy of only including single cards in my complete collection. multiple finds are interesting, but make it too easy to complete the deck

harry ramden’s

jane and i had lunch at Harry ramadam’s Ramsden’s. Fish and chip tastic.
here it is from the outside (Bournemouth sea front)
here is stonehenge built from sugar lumps (sponsored by tate and lyle)
DSC08006.jpg DSC08007.jpg
your actual delicious actual fish and actual chips (jane had cod, i had plaice)
jane spotted this playing card on the ceiling. it was signed by Mike so i suspect it was part of a magician’s trick. i haven’t got a 4 of spades in my card collection so i was very pleased.
DSC08002.jpg DSC08009.jpg

8 diamonds

here is the 8 of diamonds. it was outside blaine-in-a-box so maybe it was his.

a card

here is part of a playing card. i don’t know which one it was originally so it’ll just have to be a spare one in the deck if i ever get the complete set


at the Reading Festival there were lots of playing cards all over the place on the way back to the train. too many to count and archive individually, so here is just once sample shot: