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i used to collect cards on the street.  i’ve not seen any for ages.  here’s a joker


the 8 of hearts (two days in a row)


yesterday i posted a picture of the 8 of hearts which i saw on the way to work down by the waterfront.

just over 16 hours later i got out of the car at a hardware shop near where i live and there was a teeny 8 of hearts on the ground. 

what are the chances (and meanings) of that?

top trumps

after the other top trumps cards, i saw this one which when i flipped it over was of grampa’ simpson

score card

it’s always exciting to see a playing card on the floor. i flipped this one over and was mildy disappointed to find it was a score card (aka the extra joker)
DSC08110.jpg DSC08114.jpg