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broken jokes

another bad joke

again, not broken, but not very good either.
what’s the most giving program on the telly ?
answer: ER

i’m interested (vaguely) whether this works in other versions of english.

joke d’jour

i just reminded myself of this. It isn’t really a broken joke. it’s simply not very good but i haven’t got a category for that.
Why do they call policemen coppers ?
Because the change is good as a rest.
i made that up myself you know …

broken joke

here’s another broken joke for you
a broken joke is a joke so well know from childhood that you can ‘break it’ and it still makes some sort of sense – but only if you know the original, so apologies if this is a culturally non inclusive
so eyes down, here we go:
a man goes in a chip shop and says “can i have two portions of fish and chips please”
the shop owner replies “i heard you the first time”.

public speaking

one way to get more laughs whilst giving a presentation is to camp it up. however you need to be careful you don’t get too tense (two tents).
on the boat we also saw those massive needle things on the bank of the thames. there was no way they were going to fit through the eye of a camel.

retro hair

i was thinking of having a fancy 70s hairstyle. not sure, so i might just mullet over. [boom tish]