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why did the carpet tile cross the road ?


6 thoughts on “why did the carpet tile cross the road ?”

  1. You are not culturally backward Europeans.
    To “cut a rug” was a popular expression in America from the 1920’s on. It means simply – to dance.
    I forget sometimes that you all are in a foreign land, but it reminds me when you use words like cheers and bloke. I still don’t know exactly what a bloke is. It’s referring to a gentleman, right?

  2. Kind of, we use “bloke” where you’d use “guy”.
    Personally, I think carpeting the roads is a great idea. It will cut down on the noise, and bikers who get knocked off by motorists will only get carpet burns.

  3. Actually the Congestion Zone in London is so called due to the allergic reaction of pedestrians to the house dust mites in the carpet…
    Get rid of carpets.
    Every time someone walks over a carpet, mite dust is spread into the air, and will take 2 hours to settle. Babies and young children crawling on the carpet are surely especially at risk.
    For practical purposes wall-to-wall carpets cannot be cleaned adequately, though steaming carpets thoroughly may help.
    Replace carpets with sanded and varnished floorboards, or a vinyl, linoleum, tiled or purpose-made wooden floor (or tarmac). Use a minimum of scatter rugs and wash these several times a year. In cold climates, hanging the rugs outdoors in freezing weather helps.

  4. because it wanted to remnantice
    that’s pronounced “remnant-iss”
    it means to remember with fondness
    but is a rather bad “joke”
    i’ll stop now

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