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big ben

my favourite photo location in london


this is one of my favourite places for taking pictures of big ben in london.  on a clear evening the setting sun makes the palace of westminster glow orange.  And the reflection in this window is always spot on !

i was glad to walk past this location again last night when the conditions were aligned.

apologies for the posting of this photo again, but it is a new fresh one and i love it so !

big ben in the evening


the great thing about this time of year is that it gets dark early so i’ve been able to grab some nice evening sunlight shots like these. 


big ben


i like how the colours ended up on this (after a bit of fiddling)

big ben


big ben contained within

big ben


“big ben and the houses of parliament”.  in quotes.

best of british


i sometimes get asked if i ever get in trouble whilst taking photos.  well, mostly i avoid confrontation as much as possible, although i did get chased off by the security guards outside the gherkin recently.

this photo had potential to be a bit more exciting.  the guy on the floor is a drunk homeless type (street embassador as i like to call them).  to his right, just out of frame were too conscious drunks, and it was them i was worried about.

assuming they hadn’t been there, i would have laid on the ground and zoomed in on the union jack of his trousers with big ben in the distance.  but i thought his friends might jump on me so i got this shot instead.

sorry about that.



batman bashes big ben


classic tourist shot


it’s a classic shot from a classic location, but the sky was sooo blue i couldn’t resist.