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barby head

beach barbie


there was a lady watching me taking this picture.  i wasn’t sure whether she was discusted or amused.  perhaps it was her barbie ?  either way i made haste and went about my business.


the end of barbie head ?


poor old barbie head.  once a beauty with beautiful hair, then a waif with dreadlocks, and now …  well, we don’t know as she’s not there any more.  we’ll need to do some more searching down the streets, but i fear the bin men ‘moved’ her in to their lorry. 

oh dear

poor old barbie head



here she was a couple of days ago (seen by flash light at night)


barbie head update

090208_850_img_2942.jpg 090208_850_img_2943.jpg
090208_850_img_2945.jpg 090208_850_img_2947.jpg

poor old barbie head.  she was lying face down in the road all ashamed.  here are three generations of our family inspecting her


we rolled her head over and there she was still smiling away with her lovely makeup on

poor old barbie


barbie head’s been out in the street for a week now and she’s not looking good


her beautiful hair is a frozen lump.


barbie head update


esther went out in search of the barbie head yesterday evening with my camera and came back with these fantastic shots of barbie emerging from the ice.  she was very pleased.  and so was esther


when we got back later in the evening we tracked her down again and her whole head was revealed, although her hair was still trapped below.  this picture was taken by torchlight


and it turns out it’s a very special time for barbie at the moment

the continued story of the barbie head


a dusting more snow arrived and started to melt, but the head remained, looking a little colder yet sweaterier than yesterday.


transport permitting i’ll not see her during daylight hours tomorrow, but hopefully we’ll catch up with her later in the week

the poor old barbie head


well, what with sunday’s excitement of watching the poor barbie head making its way down the hill, we woke yesterday to find the street covered in deep snow.  we went out to see if we could locate her, but this is as close as we got.  the lump was actually a leaf

later in the day a group of yooves arrived and started a giant snow ball fight.  no problem there except they were in the exact vicinity of the barbie head


luckily they didn’t spot her, or if they did, they left her where she lay (“they wouldn’t let it lie”, except they did).

we went out about 5pm as it was getting dark and there she was in the now melting snow


kezia carefully kicked her over with her great big boots to reveal her still smiling face


we’ve expecting more snow and certainly freezing temperatures overnight, so we’ll have to see how she fairs.  her hair certainly isn’t as nice as it once was

barbie’s head


on the way back from church yesterday i spotted this barbie head in the street.  we nearly ran over it, but we didn’t.  however, it was in sight of our house so i went with the girls to check it out.


it was a well maintained barbie head.  esther said she could tell it had been well looked after by the hair styling.  she kept an eye on it all afternoon as it slowly made its way down the hill.  she watched it through her binoculars from her bedroom window


as it went dark it seemed to have rested up by a curb.  we’re promised snow tonight so i’m not sure what state she’ll be in tomorrow.