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the poor old barbie head


well, what with sunday’s excitement of watching the poor barbie head making its way down the hill, we woke yesterday to find the street covered in deep snow.  we went out to see if we could locate her, but this is as close as we got.  the lump was actually a leaf

later in the day a group of yooves arrived and started a giant snow ball fight.  no problem there except they were in the exact vicinity of the barbie head


luckily they didn’t spot her, or if they did, they left her where she lay (“they wouldn’t let it lie”, except they did).

we went out about 5pm as it was getting dark and there she was in the now melting snow


kezia carefully kicked her over with her great big boots to reveal her still smiling face


we’ve expecting more snow and certainly freezing temperatures overnight, so we’ll have to see how she fairs.  her hair certainly isn’t as nice as it once was