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heinz beans new zealand

here’s a thing.

heinz baked beans in a New Zealand supermarket in the UK produce section which includes things like Heinz beans, Yorkie Bars, twiglets, shortbread and IrnBru.
i like to refer to this section of the supermarket as the ‘British Aisles’.   i don’t know if anyone has considered the implications if Scottish devolve on how they organise these shelves.
anyway, i walked past these beans today.  75pence on the tin, but $3.79 locally, which is around five pence short of two pounds (i haven’t got a pound sign on my New Zealish keyboard).
and you think you have a bean charging problem!
they also had 20 pence fingers of fudge at the equivalent of fifty pence.

2 thoughts on “beans”

  1. Sound like one of Esther Rantzen’s standard lines in the “That’s Life” days.
    “That has to be the most expensive ….. unless you know better!”

    I love the ‘British Aisles’

    BTW: show us a picture of your NZ keyboard!

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