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british commute 1 – home to work in the rain

it was my last day in the office before i get made redundant yesterday so i video’d my trip there so i wouldn’t forget it.  here it is speeded up 4 times

sorry the quality is a bit rubbs.  youtube has done the bad thing.


6 thoughts on “british commute 1 – home to work in the rain”

  1. Very best wishes on the new challenge and adventure Dave. We wish you and all the PF family a fantastic future, as it slowly opens out in front of you. God bless!

  2. Fun to watch with a great soundtrack. I especially enjoyed the last few minutes which took you through my old work neighbourhood and past a fine curry house I used to frequent when I worked there.
    NB: The car that overtakes you on the other side of the road at 1m 58s was really shifting!

  3. thanks everyone. not entirely sure what the music is – i got youtube to change the audio to one of their allowed music tracks (rather than having me singing along to the radio in the background !)
    buzz – the trip back is even more exciting. coming soon…

  4. I really enjoyed watching this. It made me want to visit England again! Good luck on your new adventures. I look forward to the return drive!

  5. It’s Dvorak’s New World Symphony. Appropriate for your new world adventure, fp, and lends your vid an elegiac quality. Very best of luck and keep on blogging.

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