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3 thoughts on “pies”

  1. Two random comments – nothing whateve to do with “Pies”.
    1, What about some piccies of your building project (Is it finished now?)Preferably a full history through from, virgin grass, holes in the ground (with Kezia therein for depth reference), foundations, walls (definitely not Lyons, and final completeion.
    2. I recently got a new LCD monitor on my pc. The colour of your pictures is now FAB!

  2. thanks for your continued comments mr rascle
    on 1. i did take lots of photos (of course!) but it’s a bit too close to home (quite literally) to publish on the blog. got to think of safety/privacy etc. we’ll invite you round to view first hand once we’re decorated instead !
    on 2. hoorah. what my pictures look like on other people’s computers is completely out of my hands, so it’s great to hear when they look good !
    thanks for your encouragements !
    (lots of exclamation marks i’m afraid!)

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