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plants on the move in a wheelchair


i was in london for a meeting yesterday and got to take some classic funkypancake street junk photos.  here’s a good one.  it’s a plant pot in a wheelchair.


i suppose it’s only fair they should get wheelchairs since they can’t walk.  some can potter about.


i’m not sure if the yellow chair was anything to do with it.

7 thoughts on “plants on the move in a wheelchair”

  1. Too near the ‘bone’ for me Vin, but I knew you would make a ‘meal’ of it!
    Exile: I dont think I want to know about your soiled patients, but I have much sympathy for your patience.
    Odd thought FP: Is the plant an old or infirm triffid?

  2. excellent. this is classic stuff of old.
    i should remember to ‘leave’ the puns to you once i’ve sown an the idea. that approach usually suck seeds

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