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funkypancake got a mention in up-market posh british paper, the Telegraph, this week. i was the first place to blog about the end of the wispa. you can read it online (update 17 June 2017 – links is now here)  
you can follow the wispa story on funkypancake here

2 Responses to funkypancake wispa story in the Telegraph

  • I’m wondering if the manufacturers keep all the machines that they used to make these chocolate bars once upon a time in case they decide to start making them again.
    I heard once that all the tooling etc. used by Austin Rover to make the Allegro(?) was sold to India I think.
    Could it be that there a small country a long way away somewhere that has been enjoying Wispa choclate bars all this time?

  • Southern Countied Radio did 5 minutes on Wispas this morning (23/10/07). Unfortunately, they obviously dont read funkypancake, and you got no mention ….
    Shame on them!

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