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classic bracknell



4 thoughts on “classic bracknell”

  1. Is that the infamously grotty Fujitsu building I spy in the background? I used to work in Bracknell, thankfully not in that building, I hasten to add. I am surprised it is still standing!

  2. i’m not sure of the previous tenants, but it’s got a lot of windows missing and there was a bottom corner burnt out just behind the pub in the foreground.
    in a way it’d be sad if it does get pulled down.
    i bet there was a great view of other bracknell delights from in there.

  3. Bless you FP, you always see the beauty in the beast! And I have to say, Bracknell is one heck of a beastie… but thank you for reminding us all to look for the good 🙂

  4. No: Its the much grottier ex 3M building. The ICL/Fujitsu building is still occupied and in reasonable condition

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