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what do you call this ? i call a spade a spade.


7 thoughts on “spade”

  1. I think the whole discussion/argument over an abandoned sand castle construction implement
    is built on shifting ‘sand’
    I am sure that the ‘tide’ of time will, or has, washed everything away,
    and we won’t be able to ‘sea’ what we were talking about.
    And all this punning is worse than having ‘shingle’s.
    (Well you did invoke me Vin!)

  2. I could seaweed get into something with this hole theme, rascle, and I dig what you say, but it beach me where you get these awful puns from. Surfs me right for starting it, I suppose.

  3. Ah Vin!
    You must know that such puns come at very high ‘co(a)st’, but we are both in the same ‘boat’, and we do keep other lesser punners at ‘bay’.
    Now I ‘shell’ have to think harder, use my ‘head,-land’ a few more puns, before I ‘wave’ the subject goodbye.

  4. The strand of puns I now resort to may make you tern against me and harbour bad thoughts, but I’m dune my littoral best. Must stop now, though, as I’m puffin a bit and I think I may have groyne-strain.

  5. No sorry Vin some of those are inelligable as they are not even questionably in the picture!
    I’m glad the sun was shining and it was not raining cat’s-and’ dogs.
    Referring to the lady paddling,who clearly walked straight into the sea, she obviously drank too much b’wine'(a la Johnathan Ross) so she didn’t keep ‘her-eyes-on’ the way ahead

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