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thames path – part 10 bablock hythe to godstow

this is the lovely swinford bridge which is a toll bridge (cost 5pence and the owners don’t pay tax due to a deal with King George III !)
anyway, we were back to the thames path yesterday and this stretch was the 8 miles between bablock hythe to godstow. we came across this sign at the point where we thought we were halfway (but obviously weren’t!)
here are jane’s parents and the others behind
thames and associated path
here’s kezia and a popped dora the explorer balloon i found in a ditch (!)
here’s the A34 from underneath (not quite as attracted as swinford bridge)
and here’s the thames again
and this is where we ended up

1 thought on “thames path – part 10 bablock hythe to godstow”

  1. Nice to see the old homeland. We regularly walked this section when we lived in Eynsham in our pre-child days.
    Random trivia: the pub in the final picture was a favourite of Inspector Morse and your lunch is sometimes stolen by a peacock if you sit in the garden.

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